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I'm Christopher Kobar, designer and writer

Since the days of <blink> tags and dancing babies I have been helping the enterprise deliver transformative experiences by bringing proven technical, creative, and strategic design expertise and leadership to the table.

I write about design, monsters, and everything in-between. Sometimes I pick up my guitar.

I am blessed with a beautiful wife and daughter, two spoiled felines, true friends, and exceptional colleagues.





Chris was brought in to help redesign the entire workflow for the training application used by federal probation officers. He created functional wireframes, front-end code, and a technology agnostic component-based style guide that could be used across the portfolio. Working with Chris was one of the best collaborative efforts of my career. He helped us both grow in our skills and prove many aspects of our development processes. I hope that in the future I have the opportunity to collaborate more with Chris.



There's no shortage of strategic thinking in Chris's world. His knowledge about the relationship of people, technology and design is amazing. Chris is excellent with solving problems with design. And yes fun to work with too.

Faisal Jumanji, Senior business analyst


Chris is an exceptional UX architect, designer, and project manager. His broad, real world UX experience coupled with his holistic business analysis, information architecture, and intuitive graphic design/interaction skills, enable him to successfully fulfill the most complex projects. He is a self-starter, with great initiative, and works well solo or managing small or large UX teams. Chris' deep expertise, insight, talent, as well as his 'straight shooter' personality, is a tremendous talent asset to any organization able to recruit him.

AJ Malik, Deputy Director, IT Services


I'm proud to recommend Chris to any organization looking for talented UX professional with robust experience and a keen awareness of current trends and technologies. While at Arlington County Government, Chris demonstrated his broad expertise with visual design support, front-end coding, creative strategies, and of course superb information architecture. 

Kara Van Roten, Director, Web Services


A self-starter who is excited about new technologies, Mr. Kobar is an agile, innovative thinker who served as a trusted adviser to my teams for over 5 years. I recommend Chris to anyone who is looking for a talented, hands-on UX professional that, as a change agent, will challenge the status quo to achieve effective design and user experience outcomes for an organization.

Jonathan Distler, Manager, Web Services