Offender Search

A large part of the job of federal probation officers is visiting post-incarceration offenders to ensure they are abiding by the terms of their probation. The location of these people, along with their personal and demographic information is shared with other federal, state, and local law enforcement so that both they and the probation officers can match criminal suspects with former offenders, and find them more easily.

The existing application was not usable on mobile devices — increasingly used by law enforcement — and its presentation of photographic information was effectively unusable due to a failed design. I was responsible for a complete redesign, to overcome these problems and to further enhance the application to empower its users to better keep their communities safe.

The application consisted of a powerful search feature that allowed users to enter a variety of personal, demographic, and criminal information. I improved the ease of using this feature, especially on small screens, by only revealing the demographic filters if desired, keeping the form small and focused on the most used search criteria based on user surveys and search logs. 

The primary results view consisted of a tabular list of offenders, with a dismissible string of search criteria available to both ensure accuracy and make it easy for the user to quickly broaden the search.

The second view was a map that indicated the last known residence for each offender. I tied this to a custom Google map and design custom pin icons to match the expectations of users and allow clear differentiation between regular offenders and sex offenders. (Red was used throughout the application to indicate this in various ways, the standard color used in the US Courts applications for this designation.)

The final view scrapped the endless-loop one-photo-at-a-time carousel of its predecessor and replaced it with a rogues gallery of mug shots, enabling users to quickly scan as many as twenty faces at a time to better identify the desired offender. 


Search modal

Table view

Map view

Mobile view

Photo grid

Mobile navigation